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  The Map Before and After Treatment

Currently, among other projects, we are working on the Wall Map of the Vicinity of Grass Valley and Nevada City;  Nevada County, California, Compiled from U.S. Government Survey and personal observation in the Field by Chas. E. Uren C.E., Grass Valley, 1897.
The map printed on light weight smooth textured paper, black & white print with some green and red, yellow and orange outlines, some printed, some drawn with crayons.  Surface sealed with varnish coating.  Paper backed with thin fabric. Brown tape hems machine stitched along the vertical borders, presently mostly torn off.
Paper extremely creased and fragmented, stained and discolored throughout, heavy vertical water stains.  Very fragile paper and cloth backing torn badly in upper section: Similar damage to the bottom part.
The front side of the map required immediate facing treatment to stabilize and protect loose fragments from being lost.  Upon drying the map was stable enough to allow for turning face down for further treatment of removing decayed fabric, cleaning off of adhesive residue from the back and blotting out most of discoloration of the paper. After thorough cleaning and deacidification it has been relined with new canvas and small voids and missing fragments have been filled-in with matching material and missing parts of design retouched.

The result: I received the restored map today... your restoration far exceeds what I was hoping for. Thank you!:




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