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Conservation of Works on Paper:
  • old prints and drawings
  • hand colored engravings and lithographs
  • watercolors
  • pastels
  • modern media on paper
  • archival documents including old vellum and others
The range of treatment for the above items would be determined upon physical examination of the individual item. In most cases it would include:

  1. Surface cleaning, treatment for mold, smoke, etc
  2. Deep cleaning and deacidification, reduction of stains and discoloration
  3. Separation from non-archival mounts
  4. Conservation repairs
  5. Restoration of missing medium, flattening of creases, stabilizing, remounting
  6. Archival matting and framing

Conservation of Oil Paintings (Canvas or Other Supports):

The range of treatment for oils may include:

  1. Cleaning, removal of old varnish and all non-original materials
  2. Consolidation of loose paint layers
  3. Full relining with new canvas, if required
  4. Restoration of media losses (inpaintings, revarnishing)
  5. Antique frames may also be cleaned and restored or new frame will be provided

Every item treated would be thoroughly photo-documented before and after. Client may also request a full treatment report.

Before and After
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